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Spcecial features
High quality (Highly accurate drive systems)
Excellent frame design provides higher-dimensional performance
High quality (High-accuracy power systems)
Merging high speed and high accuracy Refined power supply control technology
High quality (High-accuracy control system)
Advanced knowledge-base system controls cutting-edge machine performance
Function and Operation (Machine system)
Creating a comfortable, reassuring operating environment
Intelligence and Ease of use (ADVANCE control)
Taking the interface to new heights with three advanced levels
Economy & Ecology
Pursuing efficiency while realizing low costs and environmental awareness

Machine specification
Maximum workpiece dimensions (W x D x H) [mm]
1050 x 820 x 305

Tolerable workpiece weight [kg]

Table dimensions (W x D) [mm]
880 x 670

Each axis stroke (X x Y x Z) [mm]
600 x 400 x 310

Outline dimensions (W x D x H) [mm]
2702 x 3050 x 2150

Machine body weight [kg]

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